Fairport Partnership now Fairport Perinton Partnership

New Year, New Board, New Name
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Former Town Supervisor of Perinton, Jim Smith was re-elected for a second term, as President of the Fairport Perinton Partnership for a Better Community and Fairport Foundation (FPBC/FF) by the organization’s board of directors.

“The Partnership serves a unique role – engaging our group of volunteers’ skill set to do things necessary to preserve and enhance the quality of life in the Fairport-Perinton community. We have assembled an extraordinarily qualified team of individuals to enact the Partnership’s 2016 agenda. I look forward to a great year of accomplishment.”

Also re-elected is former deputy town supervisor, Patricia Knapp, as Vice President. William Harris, an employee of the Bonadio Group, returns as Treasurer of the Partnership. Bob Hunt, retired founder of Hunt Engineers, returns as Treasurer of the Foundation.

New to the board, Chamberlain Rattelade has been elected Secretary of the FPBC/FF, replacing long time Secretary, Kimberly Guida. Rattelade is an assistant property manager for Morgan Property Management, She has previously served the community as a Fairport high school student advisor to the village board, and once served as a summer intern for the Partnership.

Another new addition to the board is Susan Frykholm. Frykholm is employed by the Town of Perinton as a Deputy Clerk and has 20 years of community development experience, including with City of Rochester.

Also new this year is an organizational name change. The Fairport Partnership is now doing business as the “Fairport Perinton Partnership.” This change reflects the Partnership’s increasing role in community development for the Town of Perinton as well as Perinton’s increasing commitment to the mission of the Partnership. Perinton and the Partnership have collaborated on several projects, including the Ice Rink at Fairport Junction, the O’Connor Road re-alignment, and upcoming redevelopment of Perinton Park.

The Fairport Perinton Partnership for a Better Community is supported by the Fairport-Perinton Merchants Association, the Village of Fairport, the Fairport Municipal Commission, and the Town of Perinton.

More than 70 Fairport and Perinton residents serve as volunteers on various standing committees of the Partnership, meeting monthly to focus on areas of local economic development including design, outreach, promotions and economic restructuring. Hundreds more volunteers participate in Partnership projects and events, including members of the Fairport Rotary Club, Fairport Flower City Masonic Lodge, Perinton Historical Society, and Fairport-Perinton Merchants Association. Those interested in volunteering with the Partnership may call 585-377-6010 or e-mail scott@fairportpartnership.org

Board of Directors 2016:

Executive Committee
James SmithPresident               
Patricia S. Knapp – Vice President
William Harris IV – Treasurer (FPBC)
Bob Hunt Treasurer (Fpt. Fdtn.)  
Chamberlain Rattelade – Secretary
Art Alvut
Jeanne Byassee
Susan Frykholm
Lew Heisman
Clark King  
Valerie Wilcox

Client Advisory Committee
Michael Barker-Town of Perinton                                                  
John Barthelmes- FPMA
Frederick H. May-Village of Fairport
Bob Cantwell /Steve Schalabba-FMC
Dave Large – Learning Links

Executive Director
Scott Winner

Paul O’Keefe CPA

Charter Members
Edward Bradford
Jeanne Byassee
Robert Cantwell
Kimberly Guida
Fritz May
Gian-Paul Piane
Steven Schalabba