Planning A Visit

Shortly after the Erie Canal opened in 1825, a traveler on that waterway stopped in our Village at Mallet’s Tavern on the northwest corner of the Canal and Main Street, the area known today as Millstone Block. As he took rest and refreshment, he is said to have commented, “This is truly a fair port.” A local merchant overheard him and thought the description perfect. A few decades later, when the Village was incorporated in 1867, the traveler’s description became the name – and “Fairport” was born …

Whether by boat, car or even on foot, Fairport Village beckons you to visit this historic, “front-porch friendly” community. For more than 6,000 residents and 225 business owners, Fairport Village provides a quality of life and opportunity for commerce that is unmatched by many communities of its size.

Fairport is located in the heart of Perinton, New York. This historic waterway flows right through the village and under its world-renowned landmark lift-bridge. The packet boats and barges of the past have been replaced by recreational boaters and tour boats of today, making it a true boater’s paradise. The Village’s business district is complete with modern overnight docking facilities for more than 30 boats, and a helpful dockmaster is on duty throughout the busy boating season.

The Village’s canal towpaths are a prefect thoroughfare for avid bikers, joggers and walkers. The towpaths are at the heart of one of the most desirable Victorian-style family neighborhoods in upstate New York, complete with sylvan canalside parks and bountiful shops filled with that “something special” just for you!

If you would like to experience Fairport’s “front-porch friendliness” first hand, please plan a visit today! For more information on the Village of Fairport, please visit the official Village website: